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Kathryn Bohn is a gifted healer, spiritual intuitive, teacher and artist.

Her intuitive services are offered through a variety of group workshops and individual readings where guidance and direction from the soul is offered to eager seekers on the journey of self-mastery and illumination.

Kathryn's mission is to assist you in your own personal awakening by connecting and teaching you via the realms of light and their Angelic, Ascended Master and Galactic servants. She offers a variety of Sacred Living workshops and classes where participants are invited to connect to the deeper spiritual nature of their beings. In addition to her background in movement and dance, Kathryn is an ordained minister in the order of Melchizedek and an Usui Reiki Master. She received her primary training through the Pennsylvania School of Spiritual Healing, Chambers of the Heart, and the Peabody Institute of Dance in Baltimore, Maryland.

Through her work with the Ascended Masters, Kathryn offers you an opportunity to remember your authentic self and your infinite connection to the Divine. She also offers an exploration of life altering Ascended Master wisdom teachings and techniques, such as using spoken decree, the sacred silver-violet fire, self-mastery and a heart-centered connection to the very light essence of the Ascended Masters themselves.

Kathryn can help you understand yourself in a new way. Her unique background in Intuitive Energy Therapies allows her to assist you in becoming aware of the connection between your body and spirit and how to utilize them as powerful tools for discovery, healing, and growth. By creating a loving space of safety and encouragement, she assists her clients in effectively transforming their lives into ones of health, vitality, and joy.

Kathryn?s private practice is based near Philadelphia in beautiful Chester County Pennsylvania.
She travels throughout the region to facilitate workshops, offer readings and share her gifts of compassion and guidance.
Kathryn?s services are available for your next private gathering or special occasion, including reading parties, sacred ceremonies, weddings and rites of passage.


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  • "I continue to be amazed and pleased with the guidance Kathryn has given me. Her connection to Spirit and her ability to articulate that connection, are what separate her from ot..."
    Dr.Trish Baitinger
    Satisfied Client
  • "I have gained much clarity through readings with Kathryn; it is like she reaches into my own soul and illuminates the wisdom that is there. Sometimes it is not what I want to he..."
    Steven Rudnitzky
    Satisfied Client
  • "I've known Kathryn for over five years. She is an immensely talented artist and I was thrilled to hear that she's making her wonderful healing artwork available to the broader ..."
    Sacred Art Testimonial
    Satisfied Customer

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